Meet our Staff

  • Dr.
    Keri Steele
    (Front Desk)

    When you walk into our Chiropractic clinic you are sure to be greeted by Keri's smiling face. Keri is very friendly and does a wonderful job running our front desk.  She completed Good Sam Hospital's Nursing Program in 2008.  Keri really enjoys her position here because she feels such an integral part of helping our patients back to health without any harmful drugs or surgery.

    Keri grew up on a farm in Oxford Ohio.  During highschool, Keri played fast-pitch softball and was captain of her cheerleading team.  Every weekend during the summer you can find her showing horses, and in 2006 she won the Championship 'Horseman-Horseman' Award besides taking 2nd and 3rd place in the Ohio State Fair.  Keri has two horses and a basset hound.

  • Tom James
    (Billing Adminstration)

    Tom grew up in Pittsburg before joining the United States Air Force and served six years in hospital medical administration.  After leaving the Air Force he earned a BA in Theology from Apostolic Bible Institute College in Minnesota and became an ordained minister.  He pastored a church in Brookville for 17 years before joining us in 1998 to run our billing department.  We've been very blessed to have a man with such character and ability in this department. 

    Tom is very friendly and always helpful with any insurance questions or issues you may have.  He is extremely knowedgeable and there for you as a valuable resource if you have been in an auto accident, have a work injury case or have issues with your insurance.  You will find Tom volunteering most of his free time at the Calvary Apostolic Church.  He plays softball and is an avid reader. His wife Becky and Tom have been married for 32 years, they live in Forest Park with Jennifer their daughter.

  • Amber Featherkile
    (Therapy Bay)

    Hi, my name is Amber Featherkile.  I am 21 years old.  I graduated from Gilbert A Dater High School, located in Western Hills, Cincinnati in 2008.  I began cheerleading at the age of six and cheered through high school.  My favorite color is pink.  I have a cat named Breeber and a pitbull puppy named Smores.  I began working for Wells Chiropractic in February of 2011.  I love my job and the people I work with.