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Lower Back Pain Treatment

Lower back pain is common ailment and can range from mild to debilitating. A safe and effective way of treating this condition is with chiropractic care. At Wells Chiropractic Pain and Injury Center, our chiropractors provide a variety of all-natural treatment options to alleviate lower back pain and help your body heal. We serve Clifton, Hamilton, Mt. Healthy, Cincinnati, and Dayton, OH. Our team of experts will help you live a healthy, pain-free life.


What Is a Misalignment?

The human spine is a complex anatomical structure consisting of vertebrae, discs, nerves, and ligaments that rely on proper alignment for movement and range of motion that is free of pain. When vertebrae are misaligned, one or more vertebrae are out of proper position, and they put pressure on spinal nerves. In turn, that causes pain and decreased mobility. Even the spinal cord can be affected by a misalignment.

Symptoms of a Spinal Misalignment

There are a wide variety of causes of spinal misalignments. These might include accidents with injuries, lifting improperly, repetitive motion, poor ergonomics in the workplace, poor posture, or even sleeping in the wrong position. Any of these factors can cause a spinal misalignment and painful symptoms. Misalignment of neck vertebrae can cause headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and pain running down an arm into the fingers. Misalignment of the lower back can result in pain across a hip and into the buttocks, down a leg, and into the arch of a foot. This can make it difficult to walk or stand.

Spinal Adjustments and Other Treatments

Our chiropractor primarily uses spinal manipulations to treat lower back pain. This involves manually manipulating areas of the spine to adjust it so that joint mobility in an isolated area is improved. For purposes of lower back pain, irritation of the sciatic nerve can be eliminated, while back, buttocks, and leg pain can also be eliminated. Your mobility and range of motion will improve, and your lower back pain will decrease. Our chiropractor may use other manual manipulations to alleviate pain. We can also provide stretching exercises to help your back heal and prevent recurring pain.

Schedule an Appointment with Our Chiropractor for Lower Back Pain Treatment

If you are experiencing lower back pain, you don’t have to continue suffering. At Wells Chiropractic Pain and Injury Center, we provide natural, drug-free solutions for back pain and other ailments. We treat patients in Clifton, Hamilton, Mt. Healthy, Cincinnati, and Dayton, OH. Our team will guide you through any treatments and answer any questions you have. You may need several sessions with our chiropractor for your back to fully heal. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more.


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