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Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment For Whiplash

Have you been experiencing sharp pains on the neck, shoulders, or at the base of your skull? Visiting a chiropractor for neck pain treatment as soon as you can will help you relieve your pain. Mostly, neck pain comes from inconsistent and rigorous back and forth movements, especially during a car accident


If not arrested early, whiplash can result in long-term effects such as extreme dizziness, chronic pains, and stiffness in the neck. But the good news is that, if live in Clifton, Hamilton, Mt. Healthy, Cincinnati, or Dayton, we have registered professionals to offer you the best services you so deserve.

Chiropractic Techniques for Neck Pain Treatment

Spinal manipulation 

The health specialist first identifies the subluxations (joints showing abnormal movements), and then applies and a gentle, sudden force on it. Chiropractors identify the joints using their hands and sometimes an instrument. But generally, the ultimate goal is to restore spinal motion that could be the source of your neck pain.


In most cases, whiplash results in aggravated bulges, which are commonly referred to as aggravated discs. So to effectively drive treatment, the therapist applies a slow pumping rather than intensive force on the affected part. And actually, that is what makes this technique a non-thrusting model of spinal manipulation. Therapists apply it when they suspect your pain is due to herniated discs on the neck muscles. 

Instrument-assisted manipulation technique

Just like flex-distraction, this is another non-thrusting model of spinal manipulation that therapists love to use. The specialist uses a hand-held tool to apply some gentle force on your affected area without necessarily driving more pain into your affected area. This method comes in handy, especially when treating aged patients experiencing diseases like degenerative joint syndrome.

Trigger point treatment

Trigger point therapy targets soft tissues such as ligaments and muscles. After identifying the tight points (hypertonic), the therapist applies controlled pressure on it to remove any chemicals that perhaps are the cause of your pain. Sometimes, this pressure results in additional pain.  

Interferential Electro-Therapy

Therapists inject regulated levels of electrical signals to those tissues around the affected area. When the signals intersect, the body secretes endorphins that, in turn, accelerate your recovery process.

Receive whiplash in Clifton, Hamilton, Mt. Healthy, Cincinnati, or Dayton

Living comfortably should never be an option—always strive to do at whatever cost. However, with whiplash, doctors may try too hard to put you under the right medication and still fail. That is because some neck muscle disorders can only be addressed using the techniques we have just discussed. So, why not book an appointment with us today to stand amazing offers?


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