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Shoulder Injury Treatment after an Auto Accident

After an auto accident, there are many different injuries that you may suffer from. One of the most common is a shoulder injury. At Wells Chiropractic's Pain and Injury Center, we provide treatment for shoulder injuries. We serve the areas of Clifton, Hamilton, Mt. Healthy, Cincinnati, and Dayton, OH. Our team of experts can treat patients that have pain from auto accidents, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, work injuries, and headaches after involvement in an auto accident. Shoulder pain can often be debilitating and decrease your range of motion, so it’s important to get treatment after an accident.


Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain

Your shoulders help you in carrying out a lot of daily activities, and you realize this when one or both are injured or get out of alignment. If you have lost your range of motion due to a tear, strain, or sprain to your shoulder after an auto accident, here are a few ways our chiropractor can help you find relief.

Diagnosing Shoulder Pain

This is the first step at our chiropractor's office, and it is crucial to provide a basis for any treatment done to ensure that you will be effectively cured of your pain. We will perform a physical exam and ask about your medical history to determine what is causing your pain.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Often, our professionals use chiropractic adjustments to help ease any pain, discomfort, and inflammation, as well as restore the shoulder's natural alignment. Your upper back and neck may also be adjusted depending on the findings of our chiropractor. These methods work to realign your body and alleviate tension and pressure in the shoulder, improving your range of motion.

Additional Therapies and Techniques

Depending on where exactly your shoulder pain stems from, our chiropractor may use additional therapies. This includes deep tissue massages, physical or occupational therapy, corrective exercises, and more. Our chiropractor will create a personalized treatment plan for you and your condition using a combination of therapy methods. Our goal is to help your body reach optimal wellness so you can avoid future injuries and pain.

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If you are suffering from shoulder pain, don’t wait to get treatment. Your condition could worsen and lead to other health complications. At Wells Chiropractic's Pain and Injury Center, we will help you get back to living a pain-free life. Serving Clifton, Hamilton, Mt. Healthy, Cincinnati, and Dayton, OH, our team will find the right treatment methods for you and your condition. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call us today.


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